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“I AM” Aarinade Williams

An Intuitive (Seer), Divining Consultant, Channeler      

​Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner

 and Esoteric Teacher 

I am so excited you stop by! As we’re all on this journey of expanding consciousness and awareness. My focus and work is dedicated to assisting you to first find out what your gift is. This will help you to find your rightful place in life, and as we know this is so important for several reasons. To name a few!

So welcome! I certainly hope you find what you need here and allow me to support and assist you on your journey of expanding consciousness as you bring your gift forward to help heal our families , communities, cities and the world as a whole.

The Dagara African Medicine Wheel

*What element speaks your language?

Are there hidden imbalances that you need to be aware of?

*What Gift is already speaking loudly each day but you just haven’t been able to see it ….

This knowledge can lead you to your Purpose. Find Out!

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Intuitive Transformation

Are You Feeling Stuck, A Bit Lost and Confused About Where You Are?

What’s Your Greatest Challenge Right Now?

How Do You Plan To Move Forward?

Intuitive Transformation is a one-on-one 5 Session packet design to give you some time to open up and focus your attention fully on where you are in your life , what challenges you are currently facing , how to keep moving though your challenges as you seek to find yourself, gift and your place in Life. Finding your way through the various challenges that are initiatory in nature will help you to grow consciously and intentionally to become a mature spiritual being as you go inwardly to take note to what is going on inside of your own Soul, Spirit , Mind and Body. Taking note to see if these various selves are in harmony with each other and Nature itself.

You’ll gain a better understanding about what is true Spirituality, spiritual maturity and development, a process we all must go through, to have emotional stability from within. I have combined my intuitive skills and gift as a clairvoyant and clairaudient to guide me in my work along with the Dagara Medicine wheel to create a product that will meet your spiritual needs for a clearer pathway forward. This system will help you to find your own natural rhythm and connection to The “Silence”, the Essence of all life” and your own unique way of expressing yourself in the world. There is nothing more important, than connecting with the natural essence and flow of life and knowing what your gift is and why you are here.

To understand your natural rhythm, who you are and the gift that you carry within is priceless

When you know where you are going you won’t be so easily distracted. Sometimes you just need someone to talk and listen to you, to help you gain a broader perspective on life and your situation. We’ll start by looking at your birth chart, the challenges and blocks you are facing and whatever else that maybe triggering for you at this time. let talk !

5 Sessions: $450.00 – Hour and Half Each session

One-Session is Also Available /$125.00

If you’d like more Information, Get A “Free” 3o Minutes Consult!

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Ancestral Lineage Healing

Ancestral lineage healing is a meditative technique and method created by Dr. Daniel Foor, intended to bring one into a direct relationship with one’s own ancestral family, for healing  the traumatic effects on  one’s four basic family blood lines and to discover the blessings that were passed down the lineages.

This technique provides a thorough and effective step-by-step approach not only to support ancestral healing, but your healing, your family, those who are yet to be born, and the healing of  cultural and historical troubles. Once lines have been made well, they are harmonized into a community of supportive ancestors who will be able to continue supporting you and the family in thematic ways in your daily lives. You will want to continue to deepen this relationship so that you become comfortable in relating to them as they will become family to you. This approach to ancestor reverence and ritual emphasizes psychological and ritual safety. The technique is universal and complimentary to whatever ancestral work  or healing modality you are currently using. Your relationship with  animism will  also deepen, those other than human spirit guides and helpers, who are always supporting you, even when we are not aware of their presence.

There are four basic needs to be aware of in order to be open to the ritual work.
*There is a continuation of consciousness after death.
*Not all dead are equally well.
*The living and the dead can communicate.
*The living and the dead can influence each other.

One of the many  beautiful things  that I love about this system is there’s no need for a spiritual calling, specific belief system, or prior experience with the ancestors to participate. Just enter into it with an open mind and heart ready to experience something fresh and healing. I have benefited greatly from this work in sooo… many ways, so I  decided to become a Practitioner. No matter your ethnicity or gender we all have Ancestors, well ones and not so well ones that can benefit  greatly from this methodology approach. I’m so excited about offering you this opportunity to  experience this  healing work, for you and your people/family.
Offering Low- Budget Sessions To Ancestral Medicine Referrals
10 Sessions: $1,111.00​
 Payment options availab
Get A “Free” 3o Minutes Consult!
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About Me

Aarinade William​s

Clairvoyant /Clairaudient/Teacher/Channeler
​Ancestral Lineage Healing  Practitioner

Aarinade is a student of continual learning and the study of various Indigenous cultures. She studied the African Medicine Wheel divination system, with the late Malidoma Patrice Some’ a west African Teachers and Elder of Burkina Faso. She is also a certified Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner of Ancestral Medicine, created and taught by Dr. Daniel Foor. She’s a mother, grand-mother and great-grandmother. Her Ancestors are Bubi, Tikar, Hausa, Fulani people. She lives in SC, on the land of the indigenous Congaree People. Aarinade is also a gifted clairvoyant and Clairaudient.

Working As An Intuitive w/ The Spirit World

Many years ago Aarinade shared an experience that was life changing for her , that experience is called by some “The Mystic Experience”. Changing her perspective on reality in a profound way. That experience she says was a revealing of the Oneness of The Divine presence. The Spirit world became even more alive for her and deepen her awareness of The Oneness of all things. She now enjoys bringing awareness to the reality of that world so that we better understand who we are and our connection to It and all the other benevolent  Spirit Beings who are constantly supporting us. They know who we are and why we are here . To try living without their support makes life a little harder. She is an Animist with an awareness of the presence or other elemental beings of nature, our Ancestors, Egbe Family, Ancestor Guardian and many others, including animal and plant Spirits.

History: Childhood-Elderhood

 As a See-er from childhood, she has  spiritual experiences of 47 plus years to guide her. 25 of those years  included Christianity, until an wakening that helped her see the deeper wisdoms of Spirituality. Now, she’s able to assist those who are experiencing this same  awaking. She teaches the differences between religion and true spirituality cutting across all cultures and religious divides, to find Unity and Love as the themes for life. Having over four decades of personal healing, spiritual growth and development with multiple educational certifications.

What she values the most is her experiences with the Creator, our Universal Source and other Spiritual Powers who has supported and carried her through all of life challenges and learning the ways of Nature as a guide for successful Living.

My Foundation and Other Intentions

After seeing  such a need in the spiritual community, she has created a program called: ” Intuitive Transformation”, to help you find your most foundational need and the importance of your conscious connection to the Source and your alignment and harmony with Nature. Her secondary intention is to help you finding your gift and purpose and deepen your understanding of spiritual growth /development and the maturing process in which we all must go through. Having these amazing experience with Spirit and having gone through her own inner healing of abuses and life challenges, what qualifies Aarinade to work on an international level is the Universal wisdom and knowledge, gained from each  experience and lessons learned.

Aarinade is also available for workshops & speaking engagements!  

 Other accomplishments and interest includes:

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